The Making

Here, state-of-the-art equipment and years of expertise is combined to purify and optimize the oil according to CodMarine’s extremely high-quality standards.
The result is an oil that we can proudly stand behind, an oil that encapsulates years of traditions, an oil that is made with the utmost respect for the environment and an oil designed to safely deliver the health benefits of these valuable Omega 3 fatty acids.

CodMarine Fleet - Nothing goes to waste!

The making of this high quality CodMarine oil starts already at the vessels in the CodMarine Fleet. They catch the wild arctic cod and within 6 hours, the fish is divided into what is going to filet production and what is used to make the CodMarine crude oil and fish meal.
Nothing goes to waste as CodMarine is made using material that is not used in filet production and that would otherwise be discarded.
To protect the oil against oxidation it is protected with nitrogen through the whole process from the crude oil is made until the finished product.

Pharma Marine: State of the art, family owned and eco-friendly

The team at Pharma Marine™ consists of experienced and well educated people. They have their own R&D department with pilot equipment and analytical instruments. They also have a sophisticated quality control lab with the latest technologies and they continuously work with optimization of processes and technologies to assure CodMarine premium quality.

Purification: 100% Safe

The crude cod oil is purified to remove heavy metals and environmental pollutants. Each lot of CodMarine oil is guaranteed to comply with extremely rigorous standards when it comes to environmental pollutants ensuring that the benefits of CodMarine oil can be enjoyed in complete safety.

Refining: Quality you can rely on!

CodMarine oil goes through several refining steps to make sure that every single CodMarine product consistently delivers on its promises and meets consumers’ expectations.

Deodorization: Quality you can taste!

Every lot of CodMarine oil is deodorized. This process, along with a constant attention to the oxidative parameters during the manufacturing process prevents the occurrence of bad smell and fishy burps often associated with poor quality fish oil.

Testing: Quality you can trust!

Every lot of CodMarine oil is being extensively tested before being released. Tests are performed internally using validated testing methods and at qualified 3rd party laboratories. Even the sensory profile of each production of CodMarine oil is being evaluated by a panel of skilled individuals!

The Result - Our unique CodMarine

CodMarine is a product based on the Norwegian traditions and knowledge combined with the technology of today. It is made in harmony with nature with passion for people’s quality of life.