Pharma Marine is proud to take the lead in this industry by establishing traceability from the consumer product back to the fishing vessels and fishing zones. This is made possible through the cooperation with the fishing vessels in the CodMarine® Fleet and the quality control system at Pharma Marine. Our ability to provide full transparency on our practices is essential to build trust with consumers and develop the brands’ value.
By using our unique traceability system our customers can offer the consumers traceability from the product back to the fishing vessels and fishing zones. Our customers can even have this traceability system installed on their own webpage. The system also makes it possible to see where the boat processing the primary CodMarine® oil is located in real time. Click here to go to the CodMarine® traceability system. 
With optimal traceability and transparency, Pharma Marine is able to offer today’s consumer the knowledge and trust that they should have in their omega-3 product.